Comprehensive Investment Management for UBC's Investment Funds


UBC IMANT’s Mission Statement

To ensure that assets under management are managed to maximize net real returns commensurate with each fund’s objectives, liability requirements and risk parameters.

Investment Management Responsibility

UBC Investment Management Trust Inc. (UBC IMANT) is responsible for the investment of the University of British Columbia’s Endowment Fund, Staff Pension Plan, Working Capital and other investment portfolios.

UBC IMANT engages top tier investment management talent from around the world and provides investment management expertise through a manager of managers approach. UBC IMANT focuses on ensuring that all portfolios are managed to maximize investment returns while staying within their respective risk and liquidity thresholds thus enabling each fund’s short and long-term goals to be met.

The independent structure of UBC IMANT facilitates decision-making and leverages expert input at both staff and board levels, thereby leading to best investment management practices in a business activity that is not core to the University.

UBC IMANT’s team of investment professionals is complemented by an independent Board of Directors. The Board, comprised of members from the business community and the University, provides oversight and governance to the organization. This governance structure was established by the University’s Board of Governors.